Aurora Township Offices

Supervisor’s Office
80 N. Broadway
P.O. Box 2847
Aurora, Illinois 60507-2847
Phone: 630-897-8777
FAX: 630-897-8393

Assessor’s Office
80 N. Broadway
Aurora, Illinois 60505-3327
Phone: 630-896-7792
Fax: 630-896-9454

Highway Department
220 Butterfield Road
North Aurora, Illinois 60542-1316
Phone: 630-892-0246
Fax: 630-892-0266

Youth Center
313 Gale Street
Aurora, Illinois, 60506-5014
Phone: 630-859-7501
Fax: 630- 859-9354

Aurora Township Email Addresses

Supervisor’s Office

William Catching, Supervisor

(Township trustees can be contacted via


Patricia Richardson, Chief of Staff and Accounting

Ken Maurice, Human Resources Coordinator

Suely Cabral, General Assistance and Senior Services

Renee Williams, Receptionist

Danny Jaquez, Code Enforcement


Melissa Wilmot

Gloria Yepiz

Nohemi Gonzalez

Youth Center

Scot Thurman, Director of Youth Services

Freedom of Information Act

All public records in Aurora Township are available to any person for inspection or copying, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. For information related to the public’s rights under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, please visit the Attorney General website, (click here).

To request public records from Aurora Township, please submit in writing, (either via email, fax, or mail), a letter detailing the documents you are requesting to have access.

The letter should be sent to our Freedom of Information Officer:

William Catching

Township Supervisor/FOIA Officer

80 N. Broadway

Aurora, IL 60505


FAX (630) 897-8393

The requested public records that the individual is entitled to receive will be provided promptly; and except for unusual circumstances as permitted under the Freedom of Information Act, they will be made available within five working days from the date of receipt of the request.

In the event that the request for records cannot be complied with, a written denial notice stating the specific reasons for the denial will be delivered to the person making the request. Any person denied access to inspect or copy any public records may appeal such denial by providing written notice of the appeal to the Illinois Attorney General Public Access Counselor at or mail to:

Public Access Counselor
Office of the Attorney General
500 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, Illinois  62706

Public Records Fees

Information may be requested by electronic means or print. Single copies of public records are made available at no charge. However, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, a fee may be charged for providing copies of any other records or documents that exceed 50 pages, require color or oversized pages.  Shipping costs may be charged.

For more information on the Freedom of Information Act, please contact Township Supervisor William Catching at (630) 897-8777.

FOIA Request Form 2021